About this site

This site has been designed as a replacement for the first Netmedia Highlands and Islands of Scotland Web Site. Almost three years further down the road, and The Highlands Site still offers this fantastic opportunity to bring our community together more. As elsewhere the use of the Internet in the Highlands and Islands, both Western and Northern, has grown rapidly. The only site that offers both a "Portal" and a "Home" on the Internet, for those interested in the Highlands and Islands both here and abroad, is this one.

This new site is altogether much more interactive than the last.

Although "cookies" are used on the site in both a fun way, (as in letting you personalise the home page), and for more serious use here and there to make the site more efficient, the personal identity of each visitor is completely invisible to the mechanisms and total privacy is assured.

This is meant to be a fun site, for everyone to use, and we will do all we can to help it grow into a much loved tool for Highlanders everywhere.  Please respect the fact that people with all sorts of beliefs and views will use the site, so lets all behave properly!

So, having got all of that out of the way, this is what the site has to offer.............

In launching this site, we are sure that there is a lot we can add that is not yet here. We ask you to help by giving us your suggestions for other features. So please use the SUGGESTION BOX.

Best wishes to you all.